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The LEXEL™ Laser Safety Software

The Laser safety software is a multi function system.

It will calculate:

   > The safety of any given situation.

   > Small and Large Source calculations ( Pulsed and CW ) MPE ( Maximum
      Permissible Exposure ) AEL ( Accessible Exposure Limits ) Diffuse
      ( scattered Laser beams ) and scanning sources ( Intrabeam viewing of
      scanned Laser beams )

It also features :

   > Detailed result screens for relevant data.

   > Save and reload input values

   > L-number evaluation for safety glasses

   > Notes to aid in risk / hazard assessment.

   > Overview of product classes.

 LEXEL laser safety pc software


This is a must for organisations making frequent use of Lasers, Fibre Optics or LEDs and students through to professionals wishing to learn more about laser safety. An Innovation in Laser Safety Analysis, LaserSafe PC is the programme which vastly simplifies the process of establishing the safety or otherwise of Laser situations. It is maintained and supported by the highest authorities. It covers all Laser situations for laboratories, industry and display. With 10 years of tried and proven experience behind it, this is software you can depend on.

Now includes Assistant - the new graphical inline aid section to assist you every step of the way!

Assistant is an in-depth guide to every aspect of the calculations - from entry through to detailed explanations of the results, including the maths involved in deriving them and full definitions of terms. Assistant's simple but accurate and concise graphics help in the visualisation of complex concepts.

  > Enables those without expertise to quickly assess Laser situations for safety.
  > Greatly simplifies and speeds up the process of safety analysis for those with expertise.
  > Enables speedy evaluation of how to rectify an unsafe situation.
  > Takes the tedium out of calculations which involve a lot of mathematics, searching through
     tables and applying correction factors.
  > Enables basic laser product classification.
  > LaserSafe PC is being developed for use as a training exercise and experiment for University
  > Currently being used by major academic, medical and commercial institutions, nationally and
     internationally for assessment of laser safety related situations.
  > Assistant is now installed to help and inform you every step of the way.
  > An indispensable tool for anyone using powerful lasers and other high brightness sources.
  > Still the de facto standard software for Laser Safety.
  > Now updateable directly from this website.


  > Calculation from 180nm-1mm & all time domains.
  > Calculation of MPEs for eye and skin exposure.
  > Calculation of AELs for all classes.
  > Extended Sources included for MPE & AEL calculations.
  > Scanning Beam Calculations.
  > Beam Shape Selection.
  > Quick visual indication of safety conditions.
  > Detailed results on calculations.
  > Pulse Summing analysis.
  > c and t correction factor results on calculations.
  > Automatic trial Classification.
  > Classification Apertures for EN 60825-1.
  > N.O.H.D. (Nominal Optical Hazard Distance) Calculation.
  > "Extended N.O.H.D." Calculation (uses Classification Aperture).
  > L Number and O.D. results for safety eyewear selection.
  > Print or Save option for all calculation results.
  > dBm input option for Fibre Optics.
  > lm (lumen) as well as cd input option for visible LEDs.   NEW Feature!
  > Easy to use menu options.
  > Graphical Assistant to help you every step of the way.
   NEW Feature!
  > In line help at all input & calculation stages.
  > Useful notes for laser users and Safety Officers.
  > Colour Help feature - approximates the colour of a visible wavelength.
  > Conforms to latest releases of EN 60825-1 & 2.
  > 1 year free software updates (includes any standards changes).
  > Support by e-mail or phone.

Emission Sources:   

 Lasers - Intra-Beam exposure    Small (point) Sources
Large (extended) Sources
 LEDs Includes built in CIE Luminosity Curve
 Fibre Optics Single mode or Multi mode (Step & Graded Index)   
 Diffuse Reflection Sources Reflectance or Measured Value Inputs   
 Scanning Beam Sources Includes Waveform Selection   
Output Types:   
 CW    Continuous Wave
 Pulse Train Continuously Repetitive Pulse Output  
 Single Pulse    Single Pulse Operation

 Quick    Immediate colour coded appraisal of hazard
 Details Continuously Repetitive Pulse Output  

Correction factors  (C1 - C7)
Time breaks  (T1 & T2)
Pulse summing
Angular Subtense & Acceptance Angle

To find out how you can get a DEMO version of the LEXEL™ LaserSafe PC software, contact us
at one of the nubers below, or you can send us an email.  If you are interested in purchasing a licensed copy, our staff can provide you with a no obligation free quote.