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The LEXEL™ Model LN2 Nitrogen Gas Generator
The LEXEL™ LN2 Nitrogen Generator is based on the award-winning NitroGenerator and produces flows of
up to 200cc/min of high purity nitrogen, whilst having
the smallest footprint of any nitrogen generator on the market.

If you don’t need high purity, the Model LN2 can be configured for greater rates of flow (up to 1 in).

You don’t even have to pipe compressed air from other places in the lab - the Model LN2 has an optional state-of-the art mini compressor and is still only 48cm high.


   (click to enlarge)

The LEXEL™ LN2 employs Pressure swing adsorption (PSA)
technology with a stand-by system to produce small flows of
high purity nitrogen when you need it.

The compressed air enters the generator via a filter [1] that expels contaminants and bulk moisture using an integrated
auto drain.

When the control system assesses that more nitrogen is required, the solenoid valves open [2] and the pressure is allowed to build  up in the 1st column [4] containing Carbon Molecular Sieve (CMS) and residue catcher [3].

This sieve adsorbs the oxygen and leaves the dry nitrogen free to flow into the reservoir [7].  After this point, the nitrogen is allowed to flow to the application via the pressure and flow regulator [8].
Characteristics   Typical Applications

* High Purity Nitrogen (up to 99.9995%).
* Compact and Lightweight.
* Low Power Requirements.
* Flow rates from 1 I/min to10 I/min.
* Output Pressure 80 psi 5.4 Bar).
* Stand-By Mode.


* Vessel Leak Detection
* Ionisation (API-ms).
* GC-FID (Carrier Gas).
* GC-FID (Make-up Gas).