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            LEXEL LTC Series of Refrigerated Chiller UnitsLEXEL LTC Series Refrigerated Chiller
Refrigerated Systems: Air & Water Cooled Models

The LEXEL Refrigerated Heat Exchange Systems (Chilllers) offer a full line of air-cooled chillers in standard (portable) and rack mount configurations. Water condensed, Central chillers, and plant wide systems are also available.

The LEXEL Chillers Feature:

     > Patented refrigeration circuitry
     > Zero to full load capacity control
     > Excellent temperature stability +/- 0.2 F
     > Adjustable pressure actuated by-pass valve for flow control is standard
     > Wide temperature range (30 to 190 F )
     > Wide selection of pumps, motors, and optional heaters
     > Non-ferrous or stainless steel construction available
     > De-ionization packages, flow devices, and special control options available.
     > Warranted performance

Patented Compressor Saver Technology

The LEXEL™ refrigerated water chillers feature a patented refrigeration control circuitry. This advanced control circuitry with compressor saver technology offers several advantages over our competitor’s products, particularly in key market segments. Advantages include:

     1) Zero to Full load capacity control while maintaining excellent temperature stability
     2) Active Cooling and Heating over the entire fluid operating range up to 88 C
     3) Virtually eliminates compressor failures in the field, giving you greater dependability

Heaters are available as a standard option such that if heating is required the unit will heat, and if cooling is required the unit will cool, automatically.

The LEXEL™ portable water chillers are equipped with an adjustable pressure actuated bypass valve which allows for adjustment of flow to the laser or process. Excess flow is routed back to the chiller to protect the unit.

They are available with non-ferrous or stainless materials of construction and with a wide selection of motors and pumps.  LEXEL™ prides itself on our ability to meet the needs of our customers.

Non-standard units and pricing are available upon request.

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